Single pitch efficiency Course

You’ve been there or seen it. Flipping through the guidebook and Mountain Project trying to find your route, clipping high first bolts, arriving at anchors only to find that you have never seen that configuration before, and only getting in 2 pitches during a full day. Get more out of your next climbing trip with this 2 day course, focused on advancing your toolbox and bandwidth to help you tackle any single pitch problem you will encounter at the crag.

*Contact for booking

Locations: Red Rock, NV / Joshua Tree, CA / Jackson, WY

Ratio: 6:1 Maximum

Cost: 1:1 $650 | 2:1 $500/person | 3:1 - 6:1 $350/person

Multi pitch efficiency course

The ground gets further and further away through pitch after pitch of terrain. The light begins to fade and the top is nowhere in sight. An all too familiar chain of events many of us are familiar with. Often, it is not our climbing that is lagging, but rather our attention to details such as rope management, stance management, transitions, route finding and the like… This 2 day course is designed to enhance your multi-pitch skills by tackling the little things. By the end of this curriculum, expect to spend more time savoring the pitches rather than racing the light! Prior multi-pitch experience and 2+ years of climbing are recommended.

*Contact for booking

Locations: Red Rock, NV / Joshua Tree, CA / Jackson, WY / Potrero Chico

Cost: 1:1 $650 | 2:1 $500/person | 3:1 $350/person

guided outings: Prices vary by venue and number of guests. See my calendar in the 57 hours app for specific prices!

Locations: All Venues

Ratio: 6:1 maximum - single pitch / 2:1 maximum - multi-pitch

HALF DAY: $230 - $270 / Person

FULL DAY: $320 - $600 / Person (Includes single pitch to Grade IV multi-pitch)

MULTI-DAY ADVENTURES: For Grand Teton and the North Cascades, contact via email for dates and rates.